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DataMetrics™ Corporation is the industry leader in design and manufacturing of rugged/ruggedized printers. We specialize in designing and manufacturing to our customers specific needs. Whether they need a rugged high-speed laser printer, rugged color inkjet printer or rugged high-resolution non-impact printer/plotter, whether the application is ground mobile, shipboard or air bourne, DataMetrics™ delivers a ruggedized superior product. All of DataMetrics™ products are all designed to meet the specifications of military and industrial applications.

Give us your rugged specifiations and we will develop the right printer for you!

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Application Specific / Military Printers
Rugged Thermal Printer Rugged Tactical Printer Rugged Laser Printer

Model 1600-M
Thermal Printer / Plotter

Model 1600-NM
Tactical Printer / Plotter

Model 2180
Rugged Laser Printer

Rugged Half Page Printer Rugged Half Page Airline Printer Rugged Tactical Printer

Model 4080
Rugged Half Page Printer

Model 4680
Half Page Airline
Cockpit Printer

Model 8000
Rugged Tactical Printer

Rugged COTS Printers
Rugged Ground Mobile Printer
Rugged Color Inkjet Printer
Rugged Color Thermal Printer
Model 3000
Ground Mobile Printer

Model 3100
Rugged Color Inkjet Printer

Model 3300
Color Digital Printer

Color Laser Printer Rugged Laser Printer  

Model /3315
*NEW* Color Laser Printers

Model 3402
*NEW* Rugged Laser Printer


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