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 Size: 5.875" W x 10.625" H x 11" D
 Weight: 15.5 lbs.

 Power – Standard: 12 Vdc

 Temperature: Pentium® 4 Processor
 Shock: Standard – 0.75g Sinusoidal and Random, 5 - 500 Hz per MIL-STD-8140E
Optional – 3g Sinusoidal and Random, 5 - 500 Hz per MIL-STD-810E

10g @ 11ms Sawtooth per MIL-STD-810E

 CPU: Pentium® 4 Processor
 Parallel Port: Multimode EPP/ECP bi-directional parallel printer ports
 Chipset: Intel 845G North Bridge and Intel ICH4 South Bridge
The Model 7500 VMC BlackJack™ (Vehicle Mounted Computer) is available in many configurations. The BlackJack™ is a rugged and reliable mounted computer that is ideally suited for public safety vehicles, law enforcement vehicles, utility vehicles, mobile medical vehicles, delivery/courier vehicles, automobiles, vans, trucks, airplanes, helicopters and trains. This product is designed to operate in high vibration and extreme temperature environments.
7500 VMC BlackJack™ Data Sheet - PDF
 Video Controller: 640 x 480 VGA, 800 x 600 SVGA, 1024 x 768 XGA, 1280 x 1024 SXGA
1600 x 1024 UXGA, 256bit 3D Engine and dynamic video memory up 64 bytes.
 Serial Ports:: 2 high speed 16C550 compatible RS-232 ports
 Keyboard/Mouse Port : PS/2 compatible
 Hard Disk Drive: Standard – Internal 20GB (minimum) 3.5" hard drive, 12ms, 100MB/sec (UltraATA/100)
Optional – 2GB Flash Drive (MIL-STD-810E)
 Floppy Disk: Internal 3.5" 1.44 MB
 Memory: 128 MB installed, optional up to 2 GB SDRAM
(2 x DDR DIMM Sockets
 Cache: 256 KB integrated, full speed (L2) cache

• 4 Universal Serial Bus (USB) port connectors
• 1 AGP 4X (1.5V)
• 1 PS/2 keyboard and 1 PS/2 mouse
• 2 IDE UltraDMA 100/66.33
• 1 Audio I/O
• Front mounted IDE and power connector interfaces to CD-ROM

 Front Access PCMCIA: 2 slot PC card, Type I, II and III
 BIOS: 2 MB Flash EEPROM, AWARD BIOs with SCPI, DMI2.0, Pnp, WFM2.0, Green, TCAV
 Audio: AC'97 compliant 3D software audio, S/PDIF-out interface