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Size: 5.75” W x 1U 1.75” H x 9.85” D
Weight: 3.5 lbs.
Mounting: Flanges allow vertical and horizontal mounting
Faceplate: Protective face plate for front panel buttons and connectors

 Power: 1x Unregulated 10- 30 VDC Input
Supports 2-sec Power Interruption
1x Regulated 12 VDC Output

Processor: Pentium M 1.8 GHz or Core2 Duo 1.66 GHz.
OS: Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional, Linux
Memory: 1 GB DDR SDRAM
Storage: 60 GB 2.5” HD IDE (others optional)
Interfaces Rear (J1): 1x Power Input Connector
Interfaces Rear (J2): 1x WiFI Antenna SMA Connector
Interfaces Rear (J3/4): 2x RS-232, 2x USB 2.0
1x VGA Out
1x LVDS Out
1x Audio In
1x Audio Out
1x 12V Power Output Connector
1x Ethernet 10/100-BaseT
Interfaces Front: 1x USB 2.0 with standard USB Type A Conn.
1x Power Switch
1x Power LED
1x Protected Reset Switch
GPS: Available as an option

The Model 9100 features a powerful Intel® Pentium® M 1.8 GHz or Core™2 Duo 1.66 GHz processor, 1 GB DDR SDRAM, 60 GB hard drive, wireless internet capabilities, and more. The computers diminutive footprint of 5.75” W x 1.75” H x 9.85” D makes it ideal for installations where space is premium. Additional value added features include multiple ruggedized circular, EMI-compliant connectors, flanges allowing vertical and horizontal mounting, and a protective face plate for front panel buttons and connectors.

Additional features include dual USB 2.0 ports, dual RS-232 ports, WiFi antenna SMA connector, 10/100 BaseT Ethernet interfaces, high-performance 3D graphics accelerated chipset, and compatibility with a variety of operating systems including various versions of Linux and Microsoft® Windows®.

This model is suitable as an Airborne Flight Server and can support multiple simultaneous Remote Flight Displays. The mentioned features make it perfect as an Electronic Flight Bag Computer (EFB).

Model 9100 Data Sheet - PDF
Temperature: Operating: 0°C to 45°C
EMI/EMC: Ruggedized, EMI Shielded Aluminum
Designed to meet DO-160E
Vibration: 1 G Sinusoidal @ 60 Hz
MIL-STD-810F, Table 514.5C-VIII